Friday, June 29, 2012

Turning Stumbling Blocks into Stepping Stones

These past few days that were supposed to be my grand restart for a new, healthy life have been... well... crap. My downfall? Taco Bell Cinnabon Delights. They're cinnamon and sugar donut-type holes filled with this creamy cheesey frosting goodness that makes angels sing in the background every time I take a bite. No, seriously you guys, I eat like 12 of these a day; they're just so damn delicious. But they're SO BAD FOR YOU. In Weight Watchers points, one serving is 11 points. That means for breakfast, I eat at least 34 points worth of food; I'm only allowed 40 points a day.... Shit. All I can say is that it's a good thing these aren't served all day, because I would literally have a bag of cinnabons on hand at all times. And I'd also be 3,000,000 pounds. 

My point in telling you this, is to be honest with you, and with myself. I know I'm not going to be perfect with what I eat, or how often I exercise. I know eating 12 donuts every morning is not the way I'm going to get healthy. But I'm picking myself up right now, and I'm going to keep going. I'm not going to give up, and start again another day like I always do. I intend to fight through this till it's no longer a fight anymore. Until it's just a part of my life.

Also, here are some before pictures... ... umm... enjoy??

Notice the flip flops. They're my standard issue footwear. I can't wear shoes other than these, or tennis shoes; it just hurts too much.


  1. I love your honesty in this post! Taco Bell Cinnabon Delights sound delish...but I'm in the same boat as you, trying to eat healthy. You can do it!

  2. Thank you :) The Cinnabons are so freaking yummy, but that's the problem! haha You can do it too. I think it's just finding your weakness and addressing it head-on; no matter how painful it is. I hope you keep in touch, the more support, the better!